founder “GEOID” LLC was founded by Petros Gevorg Aloyan who was doctor of geological sciences, professor, academician of Natural Sciences and Engineering Academy since 1994, laureate of State awards of USSR and Republic of Armenia, head of geological laboratory of Mining-metallurgical Institute since 1976, from 1993 to 1996 was deputy director by a scientific part of the Institute, the president of “Entrails protection centre” he was also the editor-in-chief of multivolume edition “The efficient use and comprehensive subsoil development of crude ore in Armenia”. 11 issues were published during 2001-2010.

Petros Aloyan was born on August 28, 1937 in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. Graduating from secondary school he entered Yerevan State University, Geological department in 1961. Graduating from the university as engineer-geologist-prospecting engineer he started to work in the Institute of Mining Researches.

From 1965 to 1968 studied as post-graduate student at the Institute of Earth Physics named after Schmidt with supervision of V.V. Belousov who was a prominent geologist, the USSR AS corresponding member. After the graduation P. Aloyan started to work at the Institute of geophysics and engineering seismology in Leninakan and then returned to Yerevan mining-metallurgical institute as scientific worker, then as senior scientific worker. In those years his passion was seismotectonics (one of the most complicated branches of geological science). While he would assert aspirant thesis of geology-mining sciences, while he would succeed as a candidate of sciences, he already had written more than dozen of scientific articles referring to that domain, many times had participated at republican scientific conferences and was one of the famous specialists of geology.

Petros Aloyan is the author of more than 100 scientific articles published in leading specialized scientific editions of the USSR and Armenia, more than 150 hand-written reports are represented in special funds of Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. He is the author and the co-author of 8 monographs on problems of rational and effective utilization of raw material resources in Armenia.

Since 1976 Petros Aloyan was director of geological laboratory of Mining-metallurgical Scientific Research Institute of Yerevan (few times it was renamed and now it is called “Institute of Mining-metallurgy” CJSC in Valex Group system). Various works were done in laboratory by his own direction and participation. Those works were always concerning to the issues such as creation, expansion and productive utilization of mineral material in Republic of Armenia and Republic of Nagorno Karabakh.

Petros Aloyan extremely highlighted the always rising problem of rational utilization of raw material. He considered that it is mostly the weakest point of mineral industry of Armenia- when reprocessing of ore or alienation of semi reproduced concentrates was done without considering existence of rare metals and soil, sometimes even expensive metals. Those issues were always raised in his scientific articles and monographs, which were about different formations, rare metals and soil in deposits, metals of the family of platinum, coals and metallurgy.

Till the last days of his life he was working- by directing “Geoid” LLC he also accomplished the book “Geological Encyclopedia of Armenia” with large team of scientists.